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Spring Senior Salute - Men's Track & Field's Cameron Phelps

Spring Senior Salute - Men's Track & Field's Cameron Phelps

WILMINGTON, Ohio - Throughout the coming months, the Wilmington College athletics department will be highlighting senior student-athletes who had their senior seasons cut short due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

Today's senior salute is Cameron Phelps. A four-year member of the program, Phelps, who is also a member of the men's cross country team, competed in distance events for the Fightin' Quakers. He tallied 75 starts in his career and logged over 9,000 miles of training.

What is your major? - Business Administration & Economics

What is your favorite class at Wilmington College? - Fitness & Jogging with Ron Combs

What is your favorite memory with the men's track & field program? - Training with my team this past summer on campus was runner-up, but the summer before my junior year, tops the list. I trained with Tony Goodrich, and that's where I discovered what type athlete I wanted to be until the day I die.

What are your plans after graduation? - I plan to begin my professional journey to master electrician-ship at Ohio Valley Electrical Services.

Do you see yourself returning to Wilmington to compete in 2021? - I live by Cincinnati State, so I can use $5,000 instead of $26,000 on 12 credit hours and compete.

What is your message to underclassmen on the impact of COVID-19? - You only get more of an opportunity, so don't waste it complaining. If you don't train now, then you're wasting the extra season God gave you.