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NCAA Approves Blanket Waiver for 2020-21 Academic Year

NCAA Approves Blanket Waiver for 2020-21 Academic Year


INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana - The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III Presidents Council has approved a blanket waiver for all of its student-athletes for the 2020-21 academic year. 

What does this mean? All Wilmington College student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics during this academic year will not be charged a season of participation or semesters of eligibility. The blanket waiver allows student-athletes to compete up to the established dates of competition/contest maximums without being charged a season of intercollegiate participation or a term of attendance for any term (semester/quarter) during the 2020-21 academic year in which they are eligible for competition.    

If a Wilmington student-athlete entered their second year of athletic eligibility (sophomore), they would be a sophomore athletically for the 2021-22 academic year regardless of whether or not they competed in 2020-21.

"This one-time waiver provides our students the flexibility and clarity now to make the necessary decisions for their academic and athletic experiences," said Tori Murden McClure, chair of the Presidents Council and president at Spalding. "We continue to see the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our student-athletes and membership, and the Presidents Council unanimously concluded this recommendation was appropriate."   

The recommendation does not serve as a rationale for future reduced enrollment by student-athletes. Student-athletes benefiting from this waiver are expected to adhere to full-time enrollment requirements in current and future academic years, consistent with the Division III philosophy.