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A Reminder to All Student-Athletes - Be Smart!

Photo by Randy Sarvis
Photo by Randy Sarvis

WILMINGTON, Ohio - As a reminder to all Wilmington College student-athletes, the College and department of athletic urges each and every one of you to maintain proper hygiene, observe social distancing and wear a mask when indoors and in close proximity to others.

Earlier today, Miami University was forced to quarantine all of its student-athletes upon their return to campus due to 27 positive COVID-19 tests from some of those student-athletes attending an off-campus social gathering. The decision to quarantine all of the RedHawk student-athletes was, according to Director of Athletics David Sayler, "for the health and safety of all of our student-athletes." Salyer went on to express his disappointment at the poor judgement that led to these actions.

This could easily happen to student-athletes at Wilmington College, and the ramifications would be severe. Keep in mind that with each personal decision made, the ability to train, practice and compete with your teammates is in the balance.