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2019 Swimming Seniors Leave Lasting Impact on Pool With Lift Chair

2019 Swimming Seniors Leave Lasting Impact on Pool With Lift Chair

WILMINGTON, Ohio – The Wilmington College swimming class of 2019 might not suit up for another competition, but their impact will be seen in the Wilmington Natatorium for years to come. On behalf of that senior class in conjunction with WC's Student Government Association (SGA), funds were acquired to have a new lift chair installed in the natatorium.

The swimming lift chair, created by Spectrum Aquatics, replaces a 30-plus year old chair that broke a couple of years ago. The new chair, now fully installed, makes the pool accessible to everyone.

"The big push for the chair came from Logan Schroer, a member of the swimming team here," Head Swimming Coach Trip Breen said. "As a lifeguard, he really saw the need for the chair to allow those with disabilities access to the water. My hats off to Logan, the SGA and the 2019 graduating class for seeing a need and delivering on it."

The swimming team, though it's the main user of the natatorium, isn't the only group to utilize the pool. Faculty, staff and students at the College are also welcome to and do use the facility. Additionally, a group of seniors also comes for water aerobics, and has been for some time.

"That group of seniors has been coming to the natatorium since the 1980s," said Breen. "There's about 15-20 people each session including a handful that are in their 90s. We installed the chair last week and it's already been getting a lot of use. It really came at a great time."