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Alums Miller-Isaac, Noble get book published

Alums Miller-Isaac, Noble get book published

Over the years many students have passed through the training room, and many students spent their collegiate years in polo shirts and khaki pants. One alumna Kim Miller-Isaac, returned in that beloved uniform as a professor, clinician and now a published author.

An idea that started as nothing more than just flash cards now has bound pages and a cover titled, 'Athletic Training Clinical Workbook: A Guide to the Competencies', written by Kim Miller-Isaac and another WC alum, Melissa Noble. It was published by F.A Davis Company, and hit shelves July 2014. The book is designed to help students connect what they learn in the classrooms to the hands on experience in the field. It is a workbook that addresses scenarios and walks the student through situations they may encounter throughout their studies.

"I want this book to be a map for students on how to evaluate an athlete," said Miller-Isaac. "To make students better athletic trainers, to make them better clinicians, to make them better health care professionals."

Miller-Isaac has been incredibly busy since 2009, when the concept of the book started; she is also a student of Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions pursing her Doctors of Science in Athletic Training. She is planning to graduate in summer of 2015.

"I am proud that I have a bachelor's, a master's and now, I am going to have a PhD all in athletic training."

She noted that this project has been a huge part of her life for many years and finds a feeling of success upon the completion of the book.

"This book was something I was looking for, and the publisher said it didn't exist yet," said Miller-Isaac.

Having a published workbook in one's field of study is quite the accomplishment but Miller-Isaac still sees "her greatest successes as returning athletes to what they want to do."

Miller-Isaac has been part of the faculty for six years, teaching a variety of courses in Athletic Training and Sports Management, as well as, covering several sports as a Certified Athletic Trainer, while advising student athletic trainers.

"Having been a student herself, [Miller-Isaac] found pride in giving back to the college," said Melissa Noble, former colleague at Wilmington College and co-author.

Noble described Miller-Isaac, "someone who puts themself out there, who is caring, devoted and passionate."

This week, this chapter closes for Miller-Isaac. She is moving on from the Wilmington College campus as she "rides her wave" to new opportunities, promoting her book at educational conferences and following new pathways.

"I will miss the students, the small family of the major," said Miller-Isaac. "You get to know the students, and they get to know you. They are away from their families, and they are like my adopted family inside the major, seeing their successes every day and the athletes' successes every day. I am going to miss that the most."