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Wilmington Men's Basketball All-Conference Honorees

Year Name Honor Conference  
2019-20 Jeffrey Mansfield First Team OAC
2019-20 Daeshawn Jackson Honorable Mention OAC
2018-19 K.C Hunt Coach of the Year OAC
2018-19 DaeShawn Jackson First Team OAC
2018-19 Kevin Lewis Second Team OAC
2018-19 Will Patrick Honorable Mention OAC
2017-18 Christian Jones Second Team OAC
2016-17 Christian Jones Honorable Mention OAC
2015-16 Zach McCorckle Honorable Mention OAC
2014-15 R.J. Leppert First Team OAC
2014-15 Dwight Johnson Honorable Mention OAC
2013-14 Malcolm Heard II Dick Reynolds Award (MVP) OAC
2013-14 Malcolm Heard II First Team OAC
2013-14 R.J. Leppert Second Team OAC
2012-13 Malcolm Heard II First Team OAC
2012-13 Brandon Candella Second Team OAC
2011-12 Malcolm Heard II First Team OAC
2011-12 Antonio Bowman Second Team OAC
2010-11 Tyler White Second Team OAC
2010-11 Antonio Bowman Honorable Mention OAC
2009-10 Tyler White First Team OAC
2009-10 Tyler Ledford First Team OAC
2009-10 Brandon Rogers Honorable Mention OAC
2009-10 R.J. Brown Honorable Mention OAC
2008-09 Justin Gaines First Team OAC
2008-09 Brandon Rogers Second Team OAC
2007-08 Brandon Rogers First Team OAC
2007-08 Fred Harrison Honorable Mention OAC
2006-07 Fred Harrison Honorable Mention OAC
2006-07 Zach Broermann Honorable Mention OAC
2005-06 Eric Stirling Second Team OAC
2004-05 David Guy Honorable Mention OAC
2004-05 Deon Short Honorable Mention OAC
2003-04 Deon Short Honorable Mention OAC
2002-03 Greg Liggens Honorable Mention OAC
2001-02 Pat Cary Honorable Mention OAC
2000-01 Dan Shardo  Honorable Mention  OAC 
1998-99 Jason Hennekes Honorable Mention HCAC
1998-99 Jason Phipps Honorable Mention HCAC
1995-96 John Von Holle Freshman of the Year AMC
1995-96  Andy Partlow First Team AMC 
1995-96  John Von Holle Second Team  AMC 
1995-96 Brian Kaiser Second Team  AMC 
1992-93 Eric Sears  First Team  AMC 
1992-93 Matt Combs Second Team AMC
1992-93 Rod Donley Honorable Mention AMC
1991-92 Chris Sonneman Second Team AMC
1991-92 Tim Edmonds Second Team AMC 
1991-92 Chris Mitchell Honorable Mention AMC
1991-92 Art Criger Honorable Mention AMC


Wilmington as a member of NCAA Division III - six Most Valuable Players, five Coaches of the Year, one Freshman of the Year, 23 First Teamers, 22 Second Teamers and 25 Honorable Mentions.

Wilmington in the OAC (Ohio Athletic Conference) - three Most Valuable Players, three Coaches of the Year, 15 First Teamers, 14 Second Teamers, 20 Honorable Mentions and one Freshman of the Year.

Wilmington in the HCAC (Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference) - two Most Valuable Players, one Coach of the Year and four First Teamers.

Wilmington spent two years (1996-97 and 1997-98) as an independent institution.

Wilmington in the AMC (Association of Mideast Colleges) - one Player of the Year, one Coach of the Year, five First Teamers, nine Second Teamers and six Honorable Mentions.

*The office of athletic communications makes a concerted effort to keep these records accurate. If you have information that could assist this page, please contact Mitch Blankespoor, director of athletic communications, at


*Last updated - March 2, 2020